No 1.    R. Stavre, B. Vernescu:Incompressible fluid flow through a non homogeneous and anisotropic dam

No 2.    S. Teleman: Measure-theoretic properties of the maximal orthogonal topology

No 3.    L. Badescu: Normal degenerations of rational and ruled surfaces

No 4.    G. Godini: An approach to generalizing Banach spaces: Normed almost linear spaces

No 5.    A. Buium: Killing divisor classes by algebraisation

No 6.    C. Tudor: On the strong solutions of the Doleans-Dade and Potter equation

No 7.    M. Coltoiu, N. Mihalache: Strongly plurisubharmonic exhaustion function on 1-convex spaces

No 8.    S. Bolintineanu: Feedback stabilization of parabolic systems by a finite dimensional compensator

No 9.    M. Putinar: Hyponormal operators are subscalar

No 10.    D. Polisevschi: Steady convection in porous media

No 11.    S. Papadima: The rational homotopy classification of differentiable manifolds in some intrinsic formal cases

No 12.    S. Mirica: Dynamic programming method for stratified optimal control problems

No 13.    A. Buium: Higher dimensional Poincare-Nishioka theorem

No 14.    T. Constantinescu: The structure of nxn positive operator matrices

No 15.    H. Ene: On thermal equation for flow of a viscous compressible fluid in porous media

No 16.    V. Bally: Approximation theorems for the local time of a Markov process

No 17.    A. Carabineanu: Some applications of the spherical functions in the filtration theory

No 18.    F. H. Vasilescu: Analytic operators and spectral decompositions

No 19.    B. Bereanu: Tandem systems I. The time to the (first) self-activation of the world nuclear weapons systems

No 20.    M. Melicescu-Receanu, A. Radoslovescu: Numerical approximation of an incompressible biphasic flow in a porous medium

No 21.    D. Vuza: Principal modules of linear maps and their applications

No 22.    S. Barcanescu: The Segre-Veronese singularities are determinantal

No 23.    E. Pascu, D. Timotin: A topological characterization of Cartan open subsets of ℝxℂ

No 24.    H. Pop: On the structure of noncommutative complete local rings

No 25.    P. Ionescu: On varieties whose degree is small with respect to codimension

No 26.    D. Voiculescu: Almost inductive limit automorphisms and embeddings into AF-algebras (preliminary version)

No 27.    C. Banica, J. Coanda: Extensions and rank 3 vector bundles with given Chern classes on homogenous rational 3-folds

No 28.    I. Singer: Extensions of functions of 0-1 variables and applications to combinatorial optimization

No 29.    A. Iordan: Peak sets in pseudoconvex domains with isolated degeneracies

No 30.    T. Albu: On composition series of a module with respect to a set of Gabriel topologies

No 31.    R. Gadidov: Two problems of operatorial extrapolations

No 32.    C. Varsan: On the regularity of the probabilities associated with diffusions

No 33.    M. Putinar: Base change and the Fredholm index (new version)

No 34.    V. Nica, D. Popescu: A structure theorem of formal smooth morphisms in positive characteristic

No 35.    S. Teleman: On the Borel enveloping C*-algebra of a C*-algebra

No 36.    M. Cipu, D. Popescu: A desingularization theorem of Néron type

No 38.    D. Homentcovschi: The theory of the general motion of a thin profile at a small incidence in an inviscid incompressible fluid

No 39.    G. Stefanescu: On flowchart theories (I)

No 41.    S. Teleman: On the Dauns-Hofmann theorem

No 42.    D. Vuza: Ideals and bands in principal modules

No 43.    N. Popescu: On a problem of Nagata in valuation theory

No 44.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Natural localization and natural sheaf property in standard H-cones of functions (I)

No 45.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Natural localization and natural sheaf property in standard H-cones of functions (II)

No 47.    D. Timotin: A note on 𝒞p estimates for certain kernels

No 48.    A. Dimca: Monodromy and Betti numbers of weighted complete intersections

No 49.    A. Buium: Differential function fields and moduli of algebraic varieties

No 50.    L. Badea: On the convergence of the Gauss-Seidel iteration for systems of linear algebraic equations with partitioned matrix

No 51.    S. Popa: On derivations into the compacts and some properties of type II1 factors

No 52.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Stonian structures in potential theory

No 53.    M. Pimsner: Range of traces on Ko of reduced crossed products by free groups

No 54.    T. Constantinescu: Positive-definite kernels on Z (and nonstationary processes)

No 55.    D. Polisevschi: Homogenization of thermal flows in porous media

No 56.    1. V. E. Cazanescu, S. Grama 2. V. E. Cazanescu: 1. On the definition of M-flowcharts 2. On context-free trees

No 57.    O. Pasarescu: On the classification of singularities of degenerate del Pezzo surfaces and structure theorems

No 58.    V. Brinzanescu, P. Flondor: Holomorphic 1-vector bundles on 1-tori with algebraic dimension zero

No 60.    C. Pasnicu: On certain inductive limit C*-algebras

No 61.    M. Coltoiu: On the embedding of 1-convex manifolds with 1-dimensional exceptional set

No 62.    L. Dragos: Theory of three-dimensional wing and lifting line theory in transonic steady flow

No 63.    S. Cleja-Tigoiu: On the isotropy in thermoelastoviscoplasticity

No 64.    D. Voiculescu: Addition of certain non-commuting random variables

No 65.    D. Vuza: Ideal properties of order bounded operators on ordered Banach spaces which are not Banach lattices

No 66.    D. Vuza: On some results of Buskes, Dodds, de Pagter and Schep

No 67.    I. Singer: A general theory of dual optimization problems

No 68.    S. Popa: The commutant modulo the set of compact operators of a von Neumann algebra

No 69.    V. Tigoiu: On the thermodynamics of third order and third grade fluids

No 70.    Gr. Arsene, T. Constantinescu: Structure of positive block-matrices and nonstationary prediction

No 71.    A. Dimca: On the homology and cohomology of complete intersections with isolated singularities