No 1.    L. Badescu: Some remarks on anticanonical models and normal surfaces with vanishing plurigenera

No 2.    M. Coltoiu: A positivity theorem for modifications of projective algebraic spaces

No 3.    N. Mihalache: The relative homology of Runge pairs

No 4.    L. Beznea: Parabolic and elliptic parts in standard H-cones of functions

No 5.    A. Zaharescu: On a conjecture of Graham

No 6.    A. Némethi: Lefschetz theory for complex affine varieties

No 7.    S. Basarab: Relative elimination of quantifiers for Henselian valued fields

No 8.    S. Basarab: An isomorphism theorem for algebraic extensions of valued fields

No 9.    I. Coanda: On the duals of the stable rank 3 reflexive sheaves on ℙ3 with C3 maximal

No 10.    L. Paunescu: Equivariant maps for properly discontinuous actions

No 11.    M. Dadarlat: On homomorphisms of certain C*-algebras

No 12.    V. Patrangenaru: The germs of Ψ-R4,1-spaces

No 13.    D. Homentcovschi, D. Cocora, R. Magureanu: Some developments of the CVBEM-application to the mixed boundary value problem for the Laplace equation

No 14.    F. Radulescu, F.-H. Vasilescu: Matrix operators and hyperinvariant subspaces

No 15.    A. Mateescu: The generative complexity of recursive enumerable sets using van Wijngaarden systems

No 16.    V. Brinzanescu, P. Flondor: Quadratic intersection form and 2-vector bundles on nonalgebraic surfaces

No 17.    A. Radoslovescu, M. Cocu: A finite element solution for unilateral contact problems

No 18.    C. Varsan: Continous dependence for Ito equations with respect to the drift involving Lie brackets

No 19.    V. Nistor: Stable range for tensor products of extensions of K by C(X)

No 20.    M. Deaconescu: Odd order groups with an automorphism cubing many elements

No 21.    A. Nemethi: The generic fiber of some polynomial maps

No 22.    G. Godini: Operators in normed almost linear spaces

No 23.    G. Popescu: Models for infinite sequences of noncommuting operators

No 24.    G. Stefanescu: Feedback theories (A calculus for isomorphism classes of flowchart schemes)

No 25.    M. Dadarlat: Inductive limits of C*-algebras related to some coverings

No 26.    A. Nemethi: On the fundamental group of the complement of certain singular plane curves

No 27.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa : Sur les sous-facteurs d'indice fini d'un facteur de type II1 ayant la propriete T

No 28.    D. T. Vuza: Caracterization of regular riesz spaces using oru-compact operators

No 29.    M. Pimsner: Cocycles on trees

No 30.    M. Coltoiu, N. Mihalache: On the homology groups of Stein spaces and Runge pairs

No 31.    B. Prunaru: Suficient conditions for membership in the classes A and Aχ0

No 32.    I. Singer: On duality and stability of parametrized optimization problems and related topics

No 33.    M. Dadarlat, V. Deaconu: On some homomorphisms Φ:C(X)⊗F1→C(Y)⊗F2

No 34.    D. Timotin: On the geometry of certain functional models for contractions

No 35.    C. Banica, M. Putinar: On complex vector boundles on projective threefolds

No 36.    A. Brezuleanu, N. Radu: On the Jacobian criterion of Nagata-Groyhendieck

No 37.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa: Iterating the basic construction

No 38.    S. Teleman: One subspace

No 39.    D. Adam: Multigrid convergence for nonsymmetric variational problems

No 40.    A. Buium: Rigidity theorems for group algebras

No 41.    F. Pop: A remark on a question of M.D. Choi and K. R. Davidson

No 42.    D. Voiculescu: Operations on certain non-commutative operator-valued random variables

No 43.    D. T. Vuza: Strongly modular and strongly latticial classes of operators

No 44.    C. Popa: A note on the invertibility of a class irreducible matrices

No 45.    I. Singer: A general duality approach to min-max results in combinatorial optimization. I

No 46.    B. Singer: Approach systems

No 47.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Fine potentials and supermean functions on standard H-cones

No 48.    B. Prunaru: A note on the classes (BCP)θ

No 49.    D. Adam: Mesh independence for Galerkin approach using the Choleski factors of Grammian of basis as preconditioners

No 50.    A. Nica: Some remarks on the groupoid aproach to Wiener-Hopf operators

No 51.    C. Pasnicu: On inductive limits of certain C*-algebras of the form C(X)⊗F

No 52.    Gh. Stefanescu: On flowchart theories I

No 53.    M. Martin: Projective group representations and geometric structures

No 54.    G. I. Pasa: Bounds for effective coefficients of periodic fiber-reinforced materials

No 55.    S. Popa: Some rigidity results in oprator algebras

No 56.    S. Popa: Correspondences (preliminary version)

No 57.    G. I. Pasa: On the effective coeficients of fiber-reinforced periodic materials

No 58.    S. Cleja-Tigoiu: Acceleration waves in elastovisciplastic materials with instantaneous plasticity

No 59.    M. Coltoiu: Cohomology with compact supports for Stein spaces

No 60.    S. Chirita: On the asymptotic partition of energy in linear thermoelasticity

No 61.    M. Dadarlat, C. Pasnicu: Inductive limits of C(X)-modules and continous fields of AF-algebras

No 62.    Gr. Arsene, Z. Ceausescu, T. Constantinescu: Schur analysis of some completion problems

No 63.    V. Nistor: Stable rank for certain type I C*-algebras

No 64.    A. Némethi: The link of the sum of two holomorphic functions

No 65.    A. Némethi, A. Zaharia: The topology of some affine hypersurfaces

No 66.    H. Bercovici, F. Pop: On perturbations of reflexive algebras (revised version)

No 67.    A. Baran: Remarks on duality for complex spaces

No 68.    N. Manolache: Syzygies of abelian surfaces embedded in ℙ3(ℂ)