No 1.    J. Eschmeier, M. Putinar: On quotients and restrictions of generalized scalar operators

No 2.    M. Putinar: Spectral theory and sheaf theory, IV

No 3.    J. E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: The structure of hemi-spaces in Rn

No 4.    M. Pascu: A time dependent proof of asymptotic completeness for differential operators of principal type and for short range potentials

No 5.    F. Pop: Perturbations of nest-subalgebras of von Neumann algebras

No 6.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Potentials in standard H-cones of functions

No 7.    D. Tiba: Optimality conditions and duality in the control of parabolic variational inequalities

No 8.    A. Buium: Birational moduli nonabelian cohomology, II

No 9.    T. Constantinescu: Two papers on nonstationarity

No 10.    G. Arsu: A time dependent scattering theory for strongly propagative systems with perturbations of short-range class

No 11.    S. Basarab: Spectral spaces and Morgan-Shalen compactification of algebraic varieties over locally compact fields: a model theoretic approach

No 12.    D. Popescu: Indecomposable Cohen Macaulay modules and their multiplicities

No 13.    L. Badescu: Infinitesimal deformations of negative weights and hyperplane sections

No 14.    C. Cobeli: Aproximate formula for functions of prime numbers under Riemann hypothesis

No 15.    C. Cobeli, M. Vajaitu, A. Zaharescu: Graham's conjecture under Riemann hypothesis

No 16.    A. Dimca: On the milnor fibrations of weighted homogeneous polynomials

No 17.    F.-H. Vasilescu: Spectral capacities in quotient fréchet spaces

No 18.    P. Flondor, E. Pascu: On superanalitic algebras. I.

No 19.    A. Buium: I. Splitting differential algebraic groups II. The automorphism group of a non-linear algebraic group

No 20.    C. P. Niculescu, D. T. Vuza: Alfsen-Effros order relations defined by vector norms

No 21.    G. Popescu: Multi-analytic operators and some factorization theorems

No 22.    M. Coltoiu: Pseudoconvex domains on complex spaces with singularities

No 23.    M. Bakonyi: Spectral factors and analytic completion

No 24.    W. Morariu, D. Popescu: Immediate extensions of filtered rings

No 25.    M. Tucsnak, G. Sebe: Spatial buckled states for immersed rods

No 26.    A. Gheondea: A geometric question concerning the strong duality of neutral subspaces

No 27.    A. Buium: Infinitesimal automorphisms of affine algebraic groups

No 28.    B. Prunaru: On the structure of contraction operators with dominating spectrum

No 29.    B. Prunaru: A note on the class A10.

No 30.    S. Basarab: On a problem raised by Alperin and Bass

No 31.    F. Cornea: Sheaf properties and cohomology in standard H-cones of functions

No 32.    M. Toma: A class of non-algebraic threefolds

No 33.    C. Borcea: Deforming varieties of k-planes of projective complete intersections

No 34.    D. Adam: M.I.P. of Newton's method for Galerkin type discretizations

No 35.    E. Popescu: Negative definite functions and pseudo-differential operators

No 36.    T. Andrei: AF-algebras with unique trace

No 37.    M. Pascu: Asymptotic completeness of the wave operators for simply characteristic operators and long-range potentials by Enss' method

No 38.    G. Arsu: Spectral analysis for simply characteristic operators by Mourre's method

No 39.    V. Nistor: Fields of AF-C*-algebras on suspensions

No 40.    L. Stoica: The oscilations of Brownian motion near a hypersurface

No 41.    F. Boca, V. Nitica: Extensions of groups and simple C*-algebras (preliminary version)

No 42.    V.-E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: Feedback, iteration and repetition

No 43.    T. Constantinescu: Some aspects of non-stationarity II

No 44.    I. R. Ionescu, I. Rosca: Friedrichs extension for nonconvex variational problem

No 45.    D. Tiba: On the numerical approximation of optimal design problems (preliminary version)

No 46.    M. Putinar: On invariant subspaces of several variable Bergman spaces

No 47.    M. Markl, F. Cvut, S. Papadima: A study of intrinsic properties of rational homotopy types via deformation theory

No 48.    M. Sandru, G. Camenschi: A mathematical model of the binary systems drawing

No 49.    G. Nagy: On the general stable rank for pairs

No 50.    S. Mirica: A short easy proof of Pontryagin's minimum principle

No 51.    G. Godini: Normed almost linear spaces with bases

No 52.    C. Nastasescu: Smash product and applications to finiteness conditions

No 53.    V. Nistor: Group cohomology and the cyclic cohomology of the cross-product

No 54.    J. E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: Lexicographical order, lexicographical index and linear operators

No 55.    V. Deaconu: Automorphisms of AF-algebras

No 56.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: Minimal signature in lifting of operators

No 57.    D. Popescu, M. Roczen: Indecomposable Cohen-Macaulay modules and ireductible maps

No 58.    S. Cleja-Tigoiu, E. Soos: Elastoviscoplastic models with relaxed configurations and internal state variables

No 59.    P. Ionescu: Embedded projective varieties of small invariants. III

No 60.    V. -E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: A formal representation of flowchart schemes II

No 61.    M. Putinar: The L problem of moments in two dimensions

No 62.    A. Nica: Wiener-Hopf operators on the positive semigroup of a Heisenberg group

No 63.    I. R. Ionescu, M. Tucsnak: A singular perturbation problem for the heat equation in two phases media

No 64.    I. R. Ionescu: Dynamic processes for a class of elastic-viscoplastic materials

No 65.    S. Petrescu, M. Joita: Amenable actions of Katz algebras on von Neumann algebras

No 66.    A. Buium: Derivations on algebraic groups, I: Linear groups

No 67.    G. Arsene, M. Bakonyi, T. Constantinescu, A. Ionescu: On the structure of positive completion of partial matrices