No 1.    I. Cioranescu: On distribution semi-groups of subnormal operators

No 2.    I. Cioranescu: On quasi-analytic vectors for some classes of operators

No 3.    G. Godini: Remarks on rough norms on Banach spaces

No 4.    M. Peligrad: Invariance principles for dependent random variables

No 5.    C. Grosu, F. H. Vasilescu: The Künneth formula for Hilbert complexes

No 6.    G. Chiriacescu: Some criteria for japanese rings

No 7.    S. Popa, M. Rieffel: The Ext groups of the C*-algebras associated with irrational rotations

No 8.    N. Popescu: Sur la sous-catégorie localisant associé, à un idéal bilatéral premier dans un anneau Noethérian (à droite)

No 9.    S. Basarab, V. Nica, D. Popescu: Approximation properties and existential completeness for ring morphisms

No 10.    F. A. Potra, V. Pták: A generalisation of regula Falsi

No 11.    D. Vuza: The Hahn-Banach extension theorem for modules over ordered rings

No 12.    H. Kurke, G. Pfister: Weierstrass categories and the property of approximation

No 13.    H. Kurke, B. Martin: Algebraic mapping germs and generic projections

No 14.    L. Stoica: Feller resolvents

No 15.    A. Constantinescu: On a class of Noetherian schemes

No 16.    S. Basarab: A nullstellensatz over ordered fields

No 17.    L. Badescu: On ample divisors

No 18.    N. H. Pavel, C. Ursescu: Flow-invariant sets for autonomous second order differential equations and applications in mechanics

No 19.    A. Rascanu: Existence for a class of stochastic parabolic variational inequalities

No 20.    C. Varsan: On necessary conditions for stochastic control problems

No 21.    G. Georgescu: Algebraic analysis of the topological logic L(I)

No 22.    I. I. Vrabie: Compactness methods and flow-invariance for perturbed nonlinear semigroups

No 23.    V. Barbu: Boundary control problems with nonlinear state equation

No 24.    G. Morosanu: Mixed problems for a class of nonlinear differential hyperbolic systems

No 25.    C. Apostol, B. Chevreau: On M-spectral sets and rationally invariant subspaces

No 26.    C. Nastasescu: I. Théoréme de Hopkins pour les catégories de Grothendieck/ II. Modules Δ -injectifs sur les anneaux à dimension de Krull

No 27.    M. Cipu, D. Popescu: Some extensions of Neron's p-desingularization and approximation

No 28.    M. Pimsner, S. Popa, D. Voiculescu: Remarks on ideals of the Calkin-algebra for certain singular extensions

No 29.    D. Voiculescu: Remarks on Hilbert-Schmidt perturbations of almost-normal operators

No 30.    M. Putinar: Functional calculus with sections of an analytic space

No 31.    A. Dimca: A regular stratification for the jet space J ³(2,2)

No 33.    D. Popescu: Global form of Neron's p-desingularization and approximation

No 34.    Th. Friedrich, H. Kurke: Compact four-dimensional self-dual Einstein manifolds with positive scalar curvature

No 35.    A. Ocneanu: Actions des groupes moyennables sur les algebres de von Neumann

No 36.    M. Coltoiu: Cohomology with compact supports for real analytic spaces

No 37.    R. G. Bartle: The sum and product of decomposable operators

No 38.    V. Dragan, A. Halanay: Singular perturbations with several parameters

No 39.    M. Putinar: I. Some invariants for semi-Fredholm systems of essentially commuting operators/ II. The superposition property for Taylor's functional calculus

No 40.    E. Soos, C. Teodosiu, V. Nicolae, C. G. Radu: Simulation of hot extrusion by using hot torsion techniques

No 41.    T. Ghindea: On Noether's theorem

No 42.    L. Badescu: On ample divisors: II

No 43.    R. G. Douglas, D. Voiculescu: On the smoothness of sphere extensions

No 44.    C. Apostol, M. Martin: A C*-algebra approach to the Cowen-Douglas theory

No 45.    C. Zalinescu: The Fenchel-Rockafellar duality theory for mathematical programming in order complete vector lattices and applications

No 46.    S. Mirica: Time-optimal feedback control: existence, stability to perturbations and applications

No 47.    D. Enachescu: Statistical methods for parabolic equations

No 48.    E. Popa: Morphisms of H-cones

No 49.    G. Pasa: L'homogeneisation d'un probleme non lineaire

No 50.    S. Basarab: The nullstellensatz over t-ordered fields: a t-adic analogue of the theory of formally p-adic fields

No 51.    M. Sofonea: Sur l'ecoulement du fluide rigide-viscoplastique de Bingham

No 52.    S. Basarab: Herbrand's theorem and elimination of quantifiers

No 53.    S. Basarab: Extension of places and contraction properties for function fields over p-adically closed fields

No 54.    N. H. Pavel: Toward the unification of the theory of nonlinear semigroups

No 55.    V. Barbu: Boundary control problems with nonlinear state equation

No 56.    M. Bucur: Influence du soufflage sur la couche limite nonstationnaire compresible

No 57.    C. Nastasescu: Quelques observations sur les modules Δ -injectifs

No 58.    I. Cioranescu: On periodic distribution groups

No 59.    D. Voiculescu, M. Pimsner: K-groups of reduced crossed products by free groups

No 60.    D. Vuza: Characterizations of Riesz spaces using extended Riesz pseudonoms

No 61.    C. Peligrad: Derivations of C*-algebras which are invariant under an automorphism group

No 62.    D. Vuza: Strongly Lattice-ordered modules over function algebras

No 63.    C. Varsan: On maximum principle for diffusion controlled processes

No 64.    L. L. Avramov: Invariants of local rings under the action of finite groups generated by pseudo-reflections

No 66.    F. A. Potra: An error analysis for the secant method

No 67.    F. A. Potra: On a class of iterative procedures for solving nonlinear equations in Banach spaces

No 68.    D. Polisevschi: Natural convection in bounded porous media

No 69.    Gr. Arsene, S. Stratila: A bibliography on operator algebras and related topics

No 70.    A. Buium: Weighted projective spaces as ample divisors

No 71.    S. Teleman: An introduction to Choquet theory with applications to reduction theory

No 72.    R.-N. Gologan: Markov partitions for a class of endomorphisms which expand distances