No 1.    A. Buium: Geometry of differential polynomial functions, II: Algebraic curves

No 2.    D. Adam: On the mesh-independence principle for Galerkin discretization

No 3.    T. Constantinescu: Schur analysis for invertible matrices

No 4.    G. Godini: Normed almost linear algebras

No 5.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Lattice properties in the set of resolvents and subordinations in excessive structures

No 6.    J. E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: Two papers on order and convexity

No 7.    V. -E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: A general result on abstract flowchart schemes with applications to the study of accessibility, reduction and minimization

No 8.    V. -E. Cazanescu, G. Stefanescu: Tree models for reduced and minimal flochart schemes

No 9.    R. Diaconescu: Monadic equational logic

No 10.    V. Nitica, A. Torok: The automorphism group of a free product of groups and simple C*-algebras

No 11.    M. Toma: A class of holomorphic vector bundles on two-dimensional tori

No 12.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Subordinations in excessive structures. Compressions in H-Cones

No 13.    V. Nistor: Cocyclic cohomology of crossed products by algebraic groups

No 14.    M. Putinar: The inverse problem for the phase shift and related moment problem

No 15.    B. Prunaru: Von Neumann operators are reflexive

No 16.    G. Popescu: Multi-analytic operators and some factorization theorems.II

No 17.    M. Cipu, D. Popescu: Reduction ideals for maximal Buchsbaum modules

No 19.    A. Radoslovescu-Capatina, M. Cucu: Internal approximation of quasi-variational inequalities

No 20.    M. Bakonyi: Some results for matrices associated with perfect elimination bipartite graphs

No 21.    A. Zaharia: On simple germs with non-isolated singularities

No 22.    C. Voica: A method to find some informations about algebraic sets given by equations

No 23.    E. Cornea: Dianalytic manifolds

No 24.    A. Ionescu: On the operatorial Nevanlinna-Pick problem

No 25.    C. Varsan: Approximation for Goursat problem of hyperbolic controlled stochastic differential equation

No 26.    M. Tucsnak: Global existence and uniqueness for a class of quasilinear hyperbolic equations

No 27.    A. Buium: Geometry of differential polynomial functions, III

No 28.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan structures with applications. I

No 29.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan structures with applications. II. Jordan algebras in projective geometry

No 30.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan structures with applications. III, IV. Jordan algebras in differential geometry. Jordan triple systems in differential geometry.

No 31.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan structures with applications. V. Jordan algebras in analysis

No 32.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan structures with applications. VI. Jordan triple systems and Jordan pairs in analysis

No 33.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan structures with applications. VII. Algebraic varieties (or manifolds) defined by Jordan pairs

No 34.    R. Iordanescu: Jordan structures with applications. VIII, IX. Jordan structures in classical and quantum mechanics. Jordan algebras in mathematical biology

No 35.    A. Buium: Curves algebraic groups and algebraic differential equations

No 36.    A. Némethi: Generalized local and global Sebastiani-Thom type theorems

No 37.    G. Arsu: Spectral analysis for simply characteristic operators by Mourre's method. II.

No 38.    J. E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: V-dualities and ⊥-dualities

No 39.    V. Deaconu: Endomorphisms of certain C*-algebras

No 40.    F. Pop: Two papers on reflexive operator algebra

No 41.    M. Tucsnak: Exact controllability for a beam subjected to a variable end thrust

No 42.    V. Dragan, A. Halanay: Asymptotic expansions for Liapunov and Riccati equations associated to linear control systems with two-time scales and applications

No 43.    Gh. Stoica: Convergence and representation for stochastic processes

No 44.    T. Constantinescu: Remarks on positive block-matrices

No 45.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Excesive and supermedian functions with respect to subordination resolvents of kernels

No 46.    M. Dadarlat, G. Nagy, A. Nemethi, C. Pasnicu: Reduction of topological stable rank in inductive limits of C*-algebras

No 47.    B. Prunaru: A structure theorem for singly generated dual uniform algebras

No 48.    J. E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: Two papers on dual optimization problems

No 49.    V. Nistor: An excision free chern character for P-summable quasihomomorphisms -preliminary version-

No 50.    V. Nistor: Cyclic cohomology of crossed products

No 51.    M. Tibar: Monodromy and Zariski's example

No 52.    V. Nitica, A. Torok: Maximal abelian and singular subalgebras in L(FN)

No 53.    D. Polisevski: Further remarks on the appearance of Darcean convection

No 54.    G. Pasa: Bounds for homogenised coefficients in the non-symmetric case

No 55.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Dilations in H-cones

No 56.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: The negative signature of some hermitian matrices

No 57.    V. Vajaitu: A remark on runge domains

No 58.    A. Iovita, A. Zaharescu: Nondiscrete local ramified class field theory

No 59.    D. Popescu, M. Roczen: The second Brauer-Thrall conjecture for isolated singularities of excelent hypersurfaces

No 60.    A. Capatina: A variational method for quasi-variational inequalities

No 61.    M. Markl, S. Papadima: Homotopy Lie algebras and fundamental groups via deformation theory

No 62.    A. Buium: Differential algebraic groups and a conjecture of Serge Lang

No 63.    A. Buium: Infinitesimal study of differential polynomial functions

No 64.    A. Danescu: The change of symmetry in phase transitions

No 65.    A. Danescu: Bifurcation in the traction problem for a transversely isotropic material

No 66.    A. M. Boutet de Monvel-Berthier, H. Manda: The commutator method for form relatively compact perturbations

No 68.    M. Coltoiu: Traces of runge domains on analytic subsets

No 69.    G. Godini: Remaks on operators in normed almost linear spaces

No 70.    C. Ionescu: Finiteness of the integral closure of a noetherian ring

No 71.    H. Pop: Coefficient rings in the purely inseparable noncommutative case

No 72.    M. Coltoiu: Some consequences of a theorem of Diederich and Fornaless on Q-convex functions with corners

No 73.    H. Pop: An extension of the Wedderburn principal theorem coefficient rings in the nonseparable case

No 74.    T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: Elementary rotations of linear operators in Krein spaces

No 75.    L. Funar: Homology and cohomology of weighted complete intersections