No 1.    D. Polisevschi: A restriction operator specific to periodic media

No 2.    M. Putinar: Hyponormal operators and eigendistributions

No 3.    A. Buium: On the field of definition of algebraic varieties in characteristic zero

No 4.    A. Gheondea, P. Jonas: A characterization of spectral functions of definitizable operators

No 5.    V. Alexandru, N. Popescu: On subfields of k(x)

No 6.    T. Constantinescu: Matrices having Kappa negative squares

No 7.    G. Stefanescu: A completion of " On flowchart theories (I)"

No 8.    D. Tiba: The relation between minimax and minimum; Convex programming via minimax

No 9.    V. Patrangenaru: Pseudoriemannian homogeneous manifolds

No 10.    A. Buium: Movable singularities and Galois theory of differential fields

No 12.    D. Tiba: Representation of monotone operators as subgradients of convex functions (preliminary version)

No 13.    H. I. Ene: On the hygrothermomechanical behaviour of a composite material

No 14.    S. Buzeteanu, C. Calude: Functions having the graph in ℰn

No 15.    A. Baran: Duality for the hypertext on complex spaces

No 16.    C. Ionita: Duality for sheaves categories

No 17.    C. Banica: Sur l'existence des fibres vectoriels holomorphes sur les surfaces compactes non-algebriques

No 18.    A. Zaharescu: Sur la theorie de Galois analytique pour les corps complets

No 19.    H. I. Ene, B. Vernescu: Homogenization of a singular perturbation problem

No 20.    M. Martin, M. Putinar: A unitary invariant for hyponormal operators

No 21.    Z. Ceausescu, I. Suciu: Isometric dilations of commuting contractions. IV

No 22.    S. Barcanescu: Monoidal algebraic singularities with linear resolutions

No 23.    S. Barcanescu: Algebraic singularities defined by ciclic group actions

No 24.    C. Faciu: On thermodynamic restrictions for the Navier-Stokes-Fourier fluids

No 25.    M. Deaconescu: A local characterization of the superfocal subgroup

No 26.    I. Coanda: On the spectrum of a stable rank 3 reflexive sheap on ℙ3

No 27.    V. Barbu: Optimal control for free boudary problems

No 28.    E. Krauss, D. Tiba: Anisotropic regularizations of saddle functions

No 29.    I. Coanda: The chern classes of the stable rank 3 vector bundles on ℙ3

No 30.    M. Cocu, A. Radoslovescu: Regularity proprieties for the solutions of a class of variational inequalities

No 31.    C. Varsan: On the regularity of the probabilities associated with diffusions

No 32.    G. Stefanescu: On flowchart theories II (nondeterministic case)

No 33.    D. Polisevschi: On the existence and uniqueness of instationary convection in porus media

No 34.    N. Manolache: On the normal bundle to abelian surfaces embedded in ℙ4(ℂ)

No 35.    N. Boboc, Gh. Bucur: Green potentials on standard H-cones

No 36.    T. Morozan: Periodic solutions of affine stochastic differential equations

No 37.    I. R. Ionescu, M. Sofonea: On existence and behaviour of the solution of a quasistatic elastic-visco-plastic problem

No 38.    G. Godini: On normed almost linear surfaces

No 39.    A. Iovita: Sur les anneaux artiniens locaux de type fini de representation

No 40.    H. I. Ene: On the viscoelastic behaviour of a porous saturated medium

No 41.    V. E. Cazanescu: Iterative systems of equations

No 42.    V. E. Cazanescu: Partial flowchart. Infinite flowcharts and rational flowcharts

No 43.    L. Beznea: Absolutely continuous potential kernels on homogeneous spaces

No 44.    M. Martin: An operator theoretic approach to analytic functions into a Grassmann manifold

No 45.    G. Arsu, M. Pascu: The existence and the asymptotic completeness of wave operators associated to some elliptic pseudodifferential operators

No 46.    D. Tiba: Optimal control for semilinear hyperbolic boundary value problems

No 47.    I. Singer: Infimal generators and dualities between complete lattices

No 48.    P. Ionescu: Generalized adjunction and applications

No 49.    D. Timotin: Cp-estimates for certain kernels: the case 0<p<1

No 50.    A. Buium: On automorphisms of surfaces and abelian varieties

No 51.    D. Tiba: A variational inequality approach to constrained control problems

No 53.    L. Dinu: The linearized problem in adiabatic multidimensional gasdynamics (I)

No 54.    C. Pasnicu: Tensor products of Bunce-Deddens algebras

No 55.    V. Tigoiu: On the asymptotic stability of third order and third grade fluides

No 56.    T. Constantinescu: On the structure of the Naimark dilation II

No 57.    O. Pasarescu: On the existence of the algebraic curves in the projective n-space

No 58.    A. Halanay: Extensions of the (BCP) - techniques

No 59.    V. Alexandru, N. Popescu: Sur une classe de prolongements a K(X) d'une valuation sur un corps X

No 60.    T. Constantinescu: Modeling of time-variant linear systems

No 61.    D. Popescu: Algebraic extension of valued fields

No 62.    D. Timotin: Cp-estimates for certain kernels on local fields

No 63.    A. Popescu: A dual Galois theory of rank two for nonseparable extensions of fields

No 64.    Gr. Arsene, T. Constantinescu, A. Gheondea: Lifting of operators and prescribed numbers of negative squares

No 65.    C. Banica: Structures doubles et triples, applications

No 66.    G. Nagy: Stable rank of C*-algebras of toeplitz operators on polydisks

No 67.    D. T. Vuza: Oru-compact operators

No 68.    N. Manolache: Cohen-Macaulay nilpotent structures

No 69.    M. Pimsner: KK-groups of crossed products by groups acting on trees

No 70.    L. Dinu: The linearized problem in adiabatic multidimensional gasdynamics (II)

No 71.    L. Dinu: The linearized problem in adiabatic multidimensional gasdynamics (III)

No 72.    S. Papadima: Rigidity properties of compact Lie groups modulo maximal tori

No 73.    J. E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer: Two papers on lexicographical separation and vector optimization

No 74.    I. Singer: Two papers on optimization

No 75.    S. Popa, F. Radulescu: Derivations of von Neumann algebras into the compact ideal space of a semifinite algebra are inner

No 76.    D. Voiculescu: Multiplication of certain non-commuting random variables (preliminary version)

No 77.    D. Voiculescu: Dual algebraic structures on operator algebras related to free products (preliminary version)

No 79.    T. Albu: F-semicocritical modules, F-primitive ideals and prime ideals

No 80.    S. Teleman: Measure-theoretic properties of the central topology on the set of the factorial states of a C*-algebra central reduction

No 81.    M. Putinar: On Putnam's inequality: extremal operators

No 82.    Gr. Arsene, Z. Ceausescu, T. Constantinescu: Multiplicative properties in the structure of contractions